February 27, 2015

lol: luke on life

The best thing that happened as a result of the last two mass killings in America was a change in conversation. Instead of hearing some hippie with a Coexist sticker on the back of their car yell about how we need to get rid of all the guns - which is impossible and silly - and somebody respond to that nonsense with "I’ve got an open carry permit and I'll wear my gun to church if I want, cause it’s my right and I love Jesus," we got to hear the dialogue switch to mental health.

We have a mental health issue in this country. A lack of access for those in need and almost zero way for others to identify those in need and recommend or force them to get help. People shooting places, things and other people up are crazy. You take one look at them after they commit the act and think to yourself, "I could have told you that person was going to do that just by looking at him." Yet that is not what we do. We see crazy people and point, laugh, tease, ridicule, and most importantly, stay away.

We have a situation in Sacramento now that has made national news. A man has anti-Semitic paraphernalia hanging outside of his home. Specifically, swastikas and Palestinian flags. I'm not sure why it’s gone national because I doubt he's the only dude in the country who flies the Nazi flag, but it did.

People are livid. I've read comments where people have called for burning his house down. I even said yesterday it would be fun to do that thing where you hang out with him until he falls asleep and then put his hand in a pot of warm water and then he pisses all over himself. Not cool Luke.

This is a mental health issue. This person is almost certainly suffering from some sort of mental illness. Who flies a Nazi flag and a Palestinian flag? A crazy person. Those two are very mutually exclusive. What is our response? Violence, censorship, hate, and ridicule. Taking the flags down won’t make this dude less crazy. It will merely help the aesthetics of the neighborhood he resides in long enough for it to be ruined by his next act.

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