February 11, 2014

overrated/underrated with pweekly

Category: Life Changing Events
Overrated: Ending a Relationship
Underrated: Getting Attacked by an Animal

So you finally figured out the girl you were able to sleep with after two Olympia's and a Camel Ultra Light the night you met her has been stepping out on you - what the hell did you expect Romeo? Or maybe the perfect girl you've been seeing met some rich older man and took up with him. Please. You're not mad. You're just jealous he didn't have a set of boobs and an alimony paycheck that could be spent buying you tanning lotion while you lay out by the lap pool drinking Popov and soda (Olympics shout out!).

Want to impress me? Tell me about the time a famished shark came up and ate your arm like an egg roll. Or what about the time a bear mistook your foot for an It's-It? By all means, let's hear about that for a change.

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