August 8, 2012

lol: luke on life

Did you know that after you visit Rachel's vagina she gives you one of those "mystery spot" bumper stickers for your car? If you live in California you would think that was funny.

Every time I finish a crossword puzzle I look at it and go, "Oh, now the title makes sense." Fart noise. I do get excited when I finish a crossword puzzle though.

I don't believe in racism. I believe in dicks. If we were all the same color everyone who is racist would still hate you for some other stupid, ignorant reason. I guess I should say "some people are stupid and ignorant," not, "I believe in dicks!" I don't pray to dick.

Does anyone have one of those AOL free 10,000 minutes of Internet surfing CDs you get in the mail that I can borrow? I only got like twenty eight minutes left on this disc. Hit me up in the comment section.

You should be able to go to a pretty solid university in the United States, major in Psychology, and specialize in consoling people with the regret they feel about the H2 that they are currently driving.

Whenever I put on a DVD and have to make the selection "Directors Cut" vs "Theatrical Version" I watch the whole movie anxiously wondering if I guessed correctly. This shouldn't be a chose your own adventure! Its your movie, show me what you want me to see!

It is so great that you can Google words now and find an audible recording of the correct pronunciation cause using a dictionary in the past didn't do anything. What is that?... A diagonal 'e' next to an upside down 'u' with two dots over it followed by a triangle next to a sideways 'g'? Neat. Thanks for the help Webster.

Dick prayer


Anonymous said...

LMFAO! H2's are terrible.

Bobby said...

AOL dial-up was the shit when I was in junior high. So was Netscape.