September 27, 2011

better in theory

30 Things that are never quite as good as they seem:

1. Doin' it in a hot tub. Or water in general.

2. Menu items described as "beer battered"

3. Grocery store food samples

4. Eating on the toilet

5. Acoustic versions

6. An assortment of saltwater taffy

7. Book lights

8. Hidden tracks at the end of an album

9. All-star games of any kind

10. Getting extra cheese on anything

11. Movies that feature Ben Stiller

12. Participating in a food fight

13. Carpooling

14. Cinco de Mayo

15. Any "Spike Lee Joint"

16. Flavored toothpicks

17. Homeland Security

18. Doing anything "tandem"

19. PBS documentaries

20. The salad-bar "sneeze guard"

21. Black V-Neck's

22. John Mayer

23. Handball

24. Bathroom attendants

25. Telling it like it is

26. Access Hollywood

27. Getting in touch with nature

28. Skits on rap CDs

29. Slo jams

30. This list.


Anonymous said...

A great list. Slo jams are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

Beth said...

You had me at "slo jam"