March 3, 2011

lol: luke on life

You'd think by now we'd have home temperature settings pretty well figured out, right? How come when I set the thermostat to 78 in early January I am still laying on my couch fully clothed with a blanket on still shivering, but when I set it to 68 in the summer I gotta walk around naked with a bag of ice on my balls just to keep the swamp nuts at bay? Isn't that what thermostats do?

Why is the exclamation point on a QWERTY keyboard positioned on top of the number one key miles away from all of the other punctuations like some sort of second class citizen? Huh!

It is next to impossible to relieve yourself from a conversation with the excuse "I have to go make a conference call" without sounding like a condescending prick.

Just because your new shower curtain makes your bathroom look updated and shabby chic doesn't mean I am not gonna feel like I'm getting hugged by an algae ridden wet ghost when it touches me in the shower. Shower curtains are gross.

uggs have ta be one of the longest lasting fashion "statements" ever. they were super trendy like 4 years ago. and still are. I'm no fashion expert, but that seems like a long time now-a-days.

I just washed my slim fit jeans for the first time in three years. Kinda gross, but it's a pain in the ass - all the lunges I have to do in them when they're fresh outta the dryer - just to stretch them out enough to fit my wallet and keys back in my in my pocket so I can look good enough at the bar "to put the vibe out."


Anonymous said...

Uggs boots just make peoples feet stink.

Vicki said...

Air dry, Lucas! Both the jeans and the balls. Cute dog.

luke said...

high vicki

Sharon said...

I'd leave a comment but I have a conference call in a few.