August 5, 2010


Basil Marceaux just might be the most awesome human in the history of the state of Tennessee. Was that a backhanded insult? No time to delve into it, we're plowing ahead, just like Basil Marceaux!

So, to recap:
  • The only crimes under Basils' watch will be moving violations.
  • Watch the video and appreciate that Basil wants phonics emphasized in schools!
  • A vote for Basil will move the capitol building to Chatanooga. Yay! I guess!
  • Basil will get rid of all gun permits, because they get in the way of people having guns!
  • Basil introduces himself as Basil!
  • Basil is an entrepreneur, historian, inventor and exporter/importer
  • Basil wears a badge for some reason


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Only in Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

I hope he wins.