July 8, 2010

lol: luke on life

If a hooker (Angel) walks up to you and offers her services in the "Hey, I'll s your d for twenty bucks" kinda way you're in a good position to get busted as a john if the angel is a cop, right? If you acquiesce and pay, you have payed for sex. That's a no no. Next time, try this:

"Hey boo, I'll s your d for twenty bucks right now!" "Now you just slow your roll. My d needs s'ed cause its lonely and dirty, but I ain't paying for sexual favors. That's illegal. If you need twenty bones I'll gladly 'loan' it to you and then you can polish my nob, but I will expect to 'collect' my money back sometime in the future. I just want to make it clear that I am simply 'loaning a stranger in need money' and not 'paying for sex'. Because that's illegal." "Cool meet me around the corner" says the surprisingly astute angel and you two "get off" scott free.

I came up with this little legal loophole after my third time getting busted for soliciting. If you're an attorney and this ain't a loophole feel free to not chime in. If it is then feel free to thank me.

Isn't Saturday Night Live going to have more fun with Elana Kagen than they ever did with Janet Reno? Don't get me wrong, Will Ferrel was awesome at impersonating Reno, but Kagen looks like every dude in the current cast morphed into one. It's like a self deprecating parody Obama is playing on them.

Vamos Espano!

Hey Rachel wanna borrow twenty bucks?


Anonymous said...

I'd pay to see that!

Ken said...

Every time a bell rings a hooker gets his/her wings?

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

I require a minimum of 30 bucks when i borrow money.

Luke said...

then i would need ATM?