February 25, 2010

lol: luke on life

For black history month the American Broadcasting Company's head chef developed a menu honoring African Americans for its headquarters cafeteria complete with fried chicken, watermelon, ribs, collared greens, black eyed peas etc. You know, the types of food that should cause an uproar and force the chef to apologize? My mom's a wetback. If she showed up to work on her birthday and someone had made chorizo con huevos, frijoles, arroz con pollo, and some tortillas she'd prolly just say thanks and make a burrito.

Is this Toyota thing really the worst thing that's ever happened to the auto industry? You do remember in 2000 Ford and Firestone were sellling cars and tires that would explode, roll the car over, and kill. Ford still sells more than GM. In fact, it is the most popular of the American brands. People forget quick. We'll be talkin about this Toyota thing for at least another.... Wait, what'd they do again? Sorry I didn't hear you cause the stereo in my Prius was turned up to loud.

What is the point of my facorite magazine (Playboy) having a table of contents if only a fourth of the pages are actually numbered? Why not just list the articles and tell me they're in there somewhere? Also publishers, I subscribe to your magazine, stop it with the cardboard inserts. Save those literature speed bumps are for the grocery store line.

When did the DMV become Ellis island?

If this offends you be nice and constructive in your criticism. Don't go all ape shit like you just heard the secret word on Pee Wee's Playhouse!

Shout out to S. Cuckovich Sr.


Anonymous said...

Hilarity. As always.

Anonymous said...

Haha thats crazy I remember when NBC did exactly that last month with their menu. I mean, exactly. Like, exactly. Exactly. Exactly.


Kevin said...

I want burrito.

Brenden said...

I heart Pee Wee.

Cuck11 said...

Thanks Luke.