February 4, 2010

lol: luke on life

I'll tell you what I'm not a big fan of now that we're in our Lost final season. Mr. Le Fleur's gay ass character arc. He seems to be the only one in the whole show who has one. He was the loveless apathetic badass. Now he yearns for two women and injects himself into every situation. Locke still loves the island and whatever mysterious purpose it holds for him. Jack is still trying to help everyone win, somehow. Ben is a lying prick who can't seem to stop getting his ass kicked. Kate is hot and conflicted and Sayid continues to be a tool the writers to use when someone needs beaten, killed, or a technological munitions device of some sort needs to be manipulated. WTF? Sawyer was one of my favorites. Now all we get are sappy talks of destiny and love. I liked it when he was calling Mr. Echo Shaft and Sayid Captain Falafel and hording supplies on the beach.

Is there such a thing as a jewish pan handler?

I realize knee high boots, Ugs, and the like are the new ish but c'mon ladies. If i walked into a bar this Friday and said "hey nice boots" all 64 of you would turn and think I was talkin to you. I'm not sayin its a bad style. I'm just sayin.

If you didn't catch Obama at the republican luncheon you missed out and should try to catch it. It was American politics first grand foray into the way the Brits conduct business. If you watch C-SPAN 2 around midnight on Sundays you can see the Parliament rant at the prime minister while he(brown) takes pot shots back in a venerable battle of wits. Good stuff. Obama did awesome as per usual and i'm not even a democrat. I also hate coloreds.

Parades are the opposite of weddings. A wedding is about everybody (bride and grooms mothers') enjoying themselves save for the ceremonies subjects. At a parade the only people having fun are the costumed homo's dancing on floats and the attention whore beauty pageant winners with their fake waves. All I want is the last baton twirling asshole to walk by so i can get this two year old off my shoulders and get a beer.

Also isn't still hating jews for allegedly killing jesus like blaming russians for the killing of JFK? Nice misplaced hate christians. Its been roughly 1,977 years give or take 3. Can a hebrew get a break?

You don't watch C-SPAN 2 late night sundays?


PWeekly said...

Adam Dorsey LOVES C-SPAN 2

Anonymous said...

Adam Dorsey looks like a jew

Anonymous said...

Wait, Lost is still on the air?

PWeekly said...


Luke said...

lost is the best show ever on regular tv. adam dorsey can't be jewish. he's uncut...... right?