January 26, 2010

best tv talk show fights

Jim Everett vs. Jim Rome

Apparently, Jim Rome is kind of a dick.

Tom Arnold vs. Michael Strahan

Fat, crappy comedian Tom Arnold just beat up former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan.

Geraldo vs. A Chair

Geraldo Rivera suffered a broken nose from this epic battle, but not from trying to break up the fight. He got hit in the face with a chair that somebody threw. That would never have happened to Donahue.

Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler vs. David Letterman

Even though this classic Kaufman/Lawler fight turned out to be staged, it was still awesome and apparently believable. Many people didn't know until years later that Kaufman and Lawler were in cahoots the whole time. Also, it looks like Andy really got decked right in the face, which is satisfying because even though he was really unique and talented, he was kind mad annoying. Also, Man in the Moon sucked.

Nene vs. Michael Lohan

"You are a toxic parent!" "You're a fat bitch!"


Anonymous said...

NeNe gets me so weak!

Post said...

Umm hello, Joey Grecco getting stabbed on cheaters??


Anonymous said...

YES! Great call Post!