November 4, 2009

lol: luke on life

Now that bob barker is retired don't you think his time would be well spent in africa doing psa's reminding them to spay and neuter their flies. clearly their pet population is outta control.

I went with my mom to Evangeline's to look at costumes. On the second floor she pointed to a wax lamp and said "I can make my labia do that."

How come a non-english speaking homeless dude can fill out a lotto ticket with any writing device available and the machine will read it even if the paper is wrinkled, or the numbered spot is not completely filled out, or if the numbered parenthetical area is colored outside the lines, but on school scantrons you can't erase more than once, have to use a certain pencil, and if it is wrinkled you're fucked? Nice job school system.

Whenever I see someone running down the street in casual attire you wouldn't normally exercise in I immediately start wondering what they have just stolen.

If you ride light rail after 6 you will see private security guards on the train. They work for a company called "Wakenhut" which is what I used to call my room when i was 12 and the new J.C. penny catalogue, with multiple page bra and pantie sections, arrived in the mail.

I wonder if there were don't ask, don't tell policies in armies when fight songs were invented: "Soldiers pack your shit we're going to battle!" "Don't you think we should sing a song first sir?" "Seriously?" fight songs are kinda gay.



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Fight songs are hella gay.