November 12, 2009

best tv neighbors

We grew up watching sitcoms, and the best character in any traditional sitcom is always the wacky neighbor. Just like the retarded kid that they tried to integrate into your fifth grade class, the wacky neighbor provides excellent comic relief and spices up every situation with unconventional silliness. These are some of our favorite sitcom neighbors:

Marcy D'arcy
Married with Children

Living next door to Marcy D'arcy is being neighbors with your sixth grade math teacher who hated your guts because you whispered a fat joke to your friend on the second day of class and somehow she heard you and held it over your head for the rest of the year. She's cranky, bitchy, and really easy to make fun of, so if your going up against her, you'd better take Al Bundy's lead and have a "you look like a little boy and you have no tits at all"-type comeback for everything she says.

Boner Stabone
Growing Pains

Boner Stabone was a pretty standard, Eddie Haskel-esque neighbor on Growing Pains. He stands out in our books as possibly the best innapropriate-joke-that-slipped-through-the-cracks-of-network-television ever. Boner's real name is Dicky Stabone. His nickname is Boner. Any way you slice it, he was one giant dick joke airing weekly on primetime network TV.

Mr. Feeney
Boy Meets World

Mr. Feeney was the all-purpose adult for the kids on Boy Meets World. He was, at various times throughout the series, their teacher, their principal, and their college professor. He was probably also a stalker.

Kimmy Gibler
Full House

Kimmy Gibbler was the prototype for all annoying child neighbors to follow. She was completely obnoxious, disrespectful, and had about as much sex appeal as a dirty diaper.


Ben said...

What about Glen Quagmire? Giggity.

Anonymous said...

Whoa- How is Larry from Three's Company not #1 ?

And where the christ is Winnie Cooper?

PWeekly said...

Winnie Cooper was a tease and a hold out!

Christine Amorose said...

Thank God Kimmy Gibler made the list. Best TV neighbor ever.

Anonymous said...

She really was.

Colby said...

What about Doogie's Italian neighbor? Hommie was like 47 playing 16.

Anonymous said...

Winnie Cooper represent!

Rachel said...

umm Wilson, Home Improvement?

Steve Urkel, Family Matters?

Matt said...

Missing from your list:

Vinny Del Pino
Ned Flanders
Cosmo Kramer
Steve Urkel
Paul Pfeiffer
Miss Yvonne
Gyro Gearloose

John said...

kyle wong