July 20, 2009

lol: Luke on life

This site needs more updaters who right good.

I think it's funny guys on lite rail use the voracity of their rap (hip hop) music, and the volume they play it at, to flaunt the incontrovertible "hardness" of their character. If I asked one if they liked poetry they would prolly think me a gay. Prolly even worse if I suggested listening to poetry put to music.

If I can't ride my bike down the street due to conjested traffic there's too many cars. If I have to move off the sidewalk due to one person walking, then you need to stop eating icecream sandwhiches for breakfastlunch!

Ever notice how your typical CSI show will spend an entire hour-long episode lambasting "druggies," while showing the utter hardships and loss the police go through trying to rid the world and save us from them? Then spend the entire next weeks episode trying to catch the manufacturer and seller of multiple "poisoned doses" of - pick your illicit fun to use drug - that might harm the user, under the guise of humanitarianism to save the victimized druggie? Pick a side pigs.

I bought a fun house mirror to change in fornt of because it's the only time my dick looks normal sized and hangs straight.

Why come the people who like to wallow in the sun now and tan (because it's en vouge and attractive), are considered vain by the same people who shun the sun due to its pertubation of wrinkles that will ruin their chances of looking attractive in their golden years? What a strange juxtaposition of vanities.

My cats food is in a tin. It has a pull off top. I need a tool to open most things I eat out of a can - Chicken by the Sea, Campbells condensed soup, chili con carne, etc. Do these guys own stock in a can manufacturing company?

Is it bad that when I'm in the waiting room at the pharmacy at my doctors office to get my eczema prescription filled I assume everyone else waiting is a leper-AIDS-herpe-carrier and look at them with scorn?

Who still eats condensed soup?


Anonymous said...

Is John laughing at Luke's shoulder blade vagina?

Fatty said...

Someone needs to proof this shit. I'm a tad skeptical of PWeekly's editorial staff.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ shoulder blade vagina!

Luke said...

i usually where a thick under shirt when i go out so you can't see my shoulder toe