June 22, 2009

lol: luke on life

Remember the early 2000's Chipolte craze? I couldn't get a snow cone without chipolte on it. Just when grandma learned how to pronounce it, poof, it was gone. Then came the posh restaurant short rib extravaganza. every place calling themselves a bistro had to serve some incarnation of a short rib dish. So cheap to make, so expensive to buy at a white tablecloth establishment. You know chinese dives had been sellin em at cool utilitarian prices for close to ever right? Welcome to the slider era. Should i buy a new dress? Let my hair down? Go out braless? Stop it already. It is a mini burger. Now that Jack and Red Robin et al have caught on can the cafes and hipster night joints lay off?

It seems, sometimes, like the size of a womans purse is directly proportional to the size of her waist? I don't know if all targets have a food court but the one on broadway does. It and its menu are equally sad and gross. Why is there always a line of people waiting to order every time I walk in?

When I see a mass of people marching in iran, dying for something that is miles from what we have, yet inching ever so close to something better, I think "hell yeah. you get yours!". When I'm riding my bike downtown at six pm on a friday and i have to wait for a group of elderly hippies to move themselves and their "stop whatever's happening that I currently disagree with and honk" signs so I can get on my way I think "you know happy hour ends at seven right?".

Just june 4th millions celebrated the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Tienanmen square. Untold and unapologized for thousands were killed and persecuted. Most would agree now that it was not in vain. Just this week a group of people marched outside the Ed Sullivan theater protesting the mostly harmless, definitely stupid, off color comment a variety show host made about the daughter of a lady in charge of a very cold state. Maybe twenty years from now millions will celebrate the death of americans abundance of wasted free time.
When did this column become about politics? Why do retarded people board trains and plains so aggressively?


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Luke said...

its sad how long it took me to remember where and when that photo was taken

Anonymous said...

Wait - THe Chipotle craze has ended?

Tom said...

Chipotle is king!!

Anonymous said...

I honk for beer.