June 3, 2009

Gateway Commercial Pedophilia PSA?

I'm not sure which computer commercial metaphor is worse: On one hand, we have the current metaphor used int he Apple commerials where a fat guy says, "I'm a big dumb fat guy, don't buy the computer that's like me" and a skinny guy says, "I'm a skinny cool dude, you should buy the computer that's like me." On the other hand, we have this commercial for the Gateway 2000, where the dad, who's clearly molesting his young daughter, is giving her a computer so she won't tell the police that he touches her in the bathing suit area. And then he walks into a room full of computers that are probably downloading kiddie porn because he's a disgusting weirdo. (That's the metaphor Gateway was going for, right? Because I feel like I need a shower after watching this video.)



Anonymous said...

So creepy.

Anonymous said...

I am so weak!

Anonymous said...

Never to much never to much!