May 1, 2009

lol: luke on life

When i meow at a cat it usually responds. It seems as though i'm pretty good at feline mimicry. It occurred to me the other day that when the first anglo stepped foot in the tropics and stole a parrot he was probably pretty fucking surprised when it spoke. He probably called a friend over and said, "Look this motherfucker can talk!" I wonder if my cat has told its friends, "Hey, I live with this dude that can talk!" His friends are prolly like "No way... what does it say?" And my cat is like, "Well he just mimics what I say but still, its pretty fuckin cool that it can talk right?" I bet my cats friends tell it to teach me cuss words. She's probably teaching me to say things like "cunt" and "I love dick" when i meow?

I think a better name for lotion would be skin food.

For my 18th birthday my older brother got me a card that listed several reasons why i hadn't received a gift. He also described a few things I could work on to improve my behavior and possibly be deserving of a gift the following year. In retrospect it seems like that was kind of a rude gift. He coulda just claimed he forgot my birthday or somethin.

I wonder if paste tastes as good now as it did in kindergarten?


Luke said...

that photo is pretty ghey

PWeekly said...

You love it.