March 6, 2009

Neck rape

You know, in hindsight, the 90s were fucking stupid. Like it's cool to look back and go, “Ha, the 90s!” and yuck it up but what a stupid time. Everyone thought they were such hot shit with their doc martins and their clove cigarettes but what did the 90s really contribute to us? And don't say Nirvana - Because frankly, nobody listens to that noise anymore. It's like a shitty relationship that time passes and you look back and you're like, "Yeah, we did have some good times," but then realize that she gave you syphilis and had her dad fuck your neck while you were sleeping. That's what the 90s are to me: Neck rape.

God Jared Leto is a douche bag.


Vicki said...

I just downloaded the Singles soundtrack last week.

Jordan Catalano 4 eva!

Anonymous said...

Marry me! Marry me!

Hil said...

I don't like this one bit! I dream of a day when flannel shirts and Pearl Jam were cool again. BOO! And might I remind you 90210 a big part of the 90's, take it back PWeekly!

PWeekly said...

No dice Hil! I'll concede 90210 - It's obviously the best show in the history of life, but the flannel shirts? Not unless the have western snap buttons!

PWeekly said...

the = they.

Damn my fast typing!