March 26, 2009

lol: luke on life

I was watching a show on PBS the other night about the dying art of quilt making. Two main themes seemed paramount. The first, how it is going to be a sad day when the knowledge of quilt making is lost for good and, how ours and successive generations just don't seem to appreciate how important quilt skills are? Every generation thinks the next one is going to hell in a hand basket but our collective lack of respect for quilt manufacturing seems a pretty dull way to show contempt. Don't get me wrong, I love quilts. they're warm, tell stories, and up until I quit wetting the bed around 13 or 14 i would pee on one almost every night. But i'm sure our generation has far more pressing delinquencies to complain about. (Who watches quilting history shows on PBS?)

I wonder if my cat gets as excited when she gets a new fresher scent of liter as I do when Charmin puts out a line of softer better smelling t.p.
Hey safeway checker, I see you coyly eying my item. If you want to know the active ingredients of my herpes meds read the label while stocking the shelves. Right now you're just embarrassing me.

People usually see cats sleeping on a porch while they're doing chores and think how lucky they are to be a domesticated feline without a care in the world. I think cats are cool because I just fed mine a can of "salmon dinner" that cost 29 cents. Halfway through her entree my cat walked over to her box, took a shit, then came back and finished her meal. That's pretty dope.

I realize we have the ability to actually eat while sitting on the toilet but that seems redundant and only useful when you're in a rush. Why does it seem like the guy who installed the toilet paper dispenser at some peoples homes was into poop yoga? I can't reach that!

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