March 9, 2009

lol: Luke on Life

Um have you ever been a guest at a friends house and when they left the room to get you a drink you sneezed and were unable to find your gum?

I know right!

I think the most polite thing to do is say nothing. Why put that thought in the back of their head? Just like if a friend came over to your house and you stepped outta the room and his pet spider got away. Would you want to know? You probably would never see it so why worry about it.

Why do you hang out with people who have pet spiders they carry on them?

Also the freezer in my apartment has a temperature selection. Why? When i put water in there i want it to become ice. Are there varying degrees of ice out there that i don't know about?

Also it would be smart of public toilet manufacturers to put kick pedals on the urinals and toilets. The handles aren't made for kicking but isn't that how most of us flush in public?

It would also be great if toilet manufacturers could make a floor to ceiling urinal for home use which would allow you too pee when you wake up with morning wood while not having to contort yourself like a chinese gymnast.

k- bye

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