February 16, 2009

lol: luke on life.

The only thing on my mind while crawling sober into the passenger seat of a friends car on a random Friday was "Why do they still sell six packs, and why did i just buy one?"

What situation could you possibly be in where a six pack would be sufficient?

1. Going home to drink alone? Really? So your gonna have six beers one night for the rest of your life then never drink again? What about next Friday? Or tomorrow? Get the twelver. its cheaper and shows foresight.

2. Going to a friends house where there will be five others and you all only want one beer? Might as well rent some gay porn on the way and save one of your buddies a trip.

3. You're selfish and you like to show up at parties with a sixer of some eclectic brew then drink everyone elses beer? gfy

4. Going to a friends house who won't be there and you need to pregame for an hour before being picked up and takin to a bar but you can't leave any beers cause they are 4 years sober? Bingo.

Considering the amount of times this is likely to happen i think its ok to stop selling them.

Also, if an order of fries at your typical fast food outlet contained between 4 and 6 fries the standard ketchup packet would be perfect. This is not the case. Have you ever needed just one? Can't you make em a little bigger? Every time i get a large fry and they only put 3 packets in the bag i feel like i am being punished.


Tim said...

Sometimes I cheap skate my shit - Ill roll with a six pack to a party I know will have hella beer.
Cheaper for me - And I'm not the complete douche who didn't bring anything.

Vicki said...

What about the guy who shows up with a sixer, and then takes any that are left home with him when he leaves? "I bought em."

PWeekly said...

That guy is really the worst type of human being.

Luke said...

is there that much of a difference between a cheapskate and a douche?

Hil said...

We did split that 6 pack 4/2 you. That was weird.