September 16, 2008


Erek Brown had his ear bitten off by a dog, then had it reattached over the course of three surgeries. After the first surgery, doctors recommended against physical activity, because it could lead to the permanent loss of his ear. But his mom forced him to play because he's the star player. And also because she's a bitch.

Of course, this is all according to "Family Court With Judge Penny," so take that for what it's worth. And what it's worth is ratings GOLD. I love me my sassy judges. If someone I call "your honor" doesn't wave her finger at people and sexually harass the bailiff, I'm sorry, I'm not interested.

Hey, remember Crash? That sensationalist portrayal of racial caricatures that somehow won best picture? Well guess what, they're turning it into a TV show. It's about sensationalist racial caricatures. It is nice to see they are tackling this whole race thing head on. As Oliver Stone and Spike Lee well know, nothing fosters understanding like being able to see each other as the malevolent, unrealistic cartoon villians we all are.

Entourage might be back. After it's last craptastic season, I'll be the first to admit I've fully enjoyed Season 5's first two episodes. So far the season pass remains. Though still, every scene consists of a talk/walk. And what the hell ever happened to Turtle's mechanic daughter boo from two seasons ago. Story archs people!! Story archs!!

Umm, somebody punched the shit out of Roger Ebert. WTF?

From the AP: Saturday's incident began, Ebert said, when he could not see subtitles for the film "Slumlord Millionaire" because the man [Lou Lumenick] sitting in front of him was leaning into the aisle.

"In my medical condition I cannot speak, so I tapped him lightly on the shoulder, and gestured him to move over a little. He said, 'Don't touch me!' and remained in position. I tapped him lightly again. [he said] 'I said - don't touch me!' He leaned further into the aisle, as if making a point of it. I tapped him a third time, and he jumped up and whacked me on the knee with whatever it was [some sources say a program, others a binder]," Ebert said.

"Lumenick hit him so hard everybody could hear it," a source told the Daily News. "Everyone freaked out and turned around."

Wow Lou. True story: Lou Lumenick once killed and ate a girl scout who ignored his "No Soliciting" sign. And then he ate her Samoas, because those things are like crack cocaine.

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