June 10, 2008

Bar Review: GV Hurley's

I'm putting GV Hurley's under the bar category because the food is off limits at all times. Don't be fooled by the allure of pulled pork spring rolls or deep fried mac and cheese balls. The food at Hurley's is more suspect than Michael Jackson at a sleepover.
The good news, however, is that the bar is fantastic! GV Hurley's employs a bevy of beauties, and pours a full bar's worth of alcohol. Every drink I've had has been stiff as Viagra with just the perfect amount of mixer. I traditionally stick with the classics at Hurley's (vodka ton, 7 & 7, rum and coke, etc) but am happy to say their more elaborate drinks (cosmos, mai tais, etc) were also met with much enjoyment.

I prefer drinking indoors at Hurley's on weekend nights, but their amazing patio is the perfect setting for after work. The running waterfall and outdoor bar is a lethal culprit when paired with beer goggles. Be forewarned.

It's also worth noting the owner rocks red shirts with black ties, and slightly resembles Paulie from The Sopranos. Instant cool factor, or a reason to sport a diaper? I almost shit myself and still thought he was cool.

GV Hurley's:
2718 J Street Sacramento
(916) 706-2410

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