December 18, 2008


I asked music buffs and PWeekly regulars Seattle Vicki and Matt Dowell to help me discuss the year in music. Here's our convo:

PW: So 2008 is ocming to a close. Musically what did you think? Is Amy Winehouse dead? Is Miley Cyrus legal?

SV: I refuse to discuss Miley Cyrus until she can make it sound like she's not singing through head gear. I swear you can hear her slurping spit through her teeth.

PW: Hater. 7 Things was my jam. speaking of pop gems - Madonna's Miles Away was amazing, and even though you'll both kill me for saying this: I heart Lovebug by the Jonai.

SV: What I discovered about Patrick in 2008? He is a 9 year-old girl. Miles Away WAS amazing. As was Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. And I am 100 percent behind the new Britney album.

MD: Music was kind of weird this year. I don't think I really jammed out to any poppy albums. Maybe it's because I started peeing standing up. I did though, really enjoy the Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus pics that were attached to their coaster cases.

PW: New Britney is fantastic. Pink's Funhouse is solid too. Overrated: Vampire Weekend and Mariah Carey's new body.

SV: I didn't listen to the whole Pink yet, but I did have Common's Universal Mind Control on repeat for a week. Siiiiick!

PW: So bomb. It never gets old, unlike Kanye's 808's which was instantly DOA.

MD: Are you kidding me? Universal Mind Control was so bad that I erased every Common album from my iPod and broke up with him... For good. I'm telling you, get on the Kid Cuti train before it's full.

SV: You are fucking insane. Not many album's make me want to do the work in the middle of the office, but Common's came close.

MD: Honestly, I will not debate the Common album. I am still grieving his loss. Maybe in a few months. Now though the wounds are too fresh.

SV: I will say Common's concert was a disgrace. A Zune hawking shit show for sure.

PW: Dowell knows ALL about the Zune suck-factor.

MD: Let's not bring the Zune into this. It makes an amazing coaster.

PW: You know what else sucks? The fact that Kid fucking Rock has the biggest selling album of the year.

SV: Shut up! With that piece of shit sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves of London mash up?

PW: Yes! No wonder McCain got 47 percent of the popular vote. Are republicans the only people actually purchasing music?

SV: It would explain Taylor Swift.

PW: LMAO!!!!

MD: Taylor Swift looks like a Laugh Now/Cry Later mask.

SV: She does! Is that what they are called? I thought they were called Comedy/Tragedy masks? I like yours better anyway.

PW: Should we discuss Lil Wayne and Rhianna? I feel like they were everywhere this year. (See also: Chris Brown).

SV: Let's not.

PW: I loved the Ting Ting's album. Total guilty pleasure. Much like Metro Station's Shake It. Is Santo Gold the album of the year?

MD: I liked a lot of tracks but didn't fall for the whole thing.

PW: Viva la Vida or T.I.'s Live Your Life?

SV: God, I really liked Viva la Vida. That is a start to finish kind of album. I'm all over T.I.'s Chelsea Lately interview, but that's about it.

PW: That was a great interview! Chelsea loves her some rappers. Semi-Sweet probably shouldn't worry about a booking. Has Estelle's American Boy gotten old? I say no.

MD: What is everyone looking forward to in 2009?

SV: Apparently not the new No Doubt album since they won't be releasing one. Cue my violins!

MD: Jay Z's Blueprint 3, Lupe's The End, and the new CRS if it really happens.

PW: Two words: Kelly Clarkson!

MD: So in conclusion, Patrick is a preteen and Vicki's brain is put in backwards.

PW: Fantastic!

SV: You are a crabby old woman Dowell.

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