October 30, 2008

Age o' Rage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox Searchlight is adapting a "dystopian tale" called Age of Rage. All they say about it is that it's "Children of Men meets Lord of the Flies", which is pretty much the stupidest comparison ever, considering Children of Men is about a world without children and Lord of the Flies is about a world without adults. Put them together and what do you get? Either a world that's like the regular world or a story with no humans. Sounds thrilling.

Anyway, the project is going to be directed by Marc Webb, a music video director who did the below Matisyahu video. I love Matisyahu, but here's my point: watch this shit and tell me Matisyahu (aka Matthew Miller LOL!) and Andy Samberg's "Ras-Trent" (also posted below) aren't the same fucking guy. Buhda ding ding ding whooaa oh oh.

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