September 10, 2008

Break yo face!

There's a new boxing game coming out in September called Facebreaker. It's described as more of a Smash Brothers type thing than a realistic sports game, and it will feature celebrity guests fighters, one of whom will be none other than Kim Kardasian. Why, I have no idea.

Speaking of smash brothers, did I ever tell you about the time I had to give up my seat at the Park for some BI who was holding her 50th birthday party? A couple homies and I were sitting on a couch on the patio - which normally I wouldn't be allowed into, when a staff member came over and asked us to move, then gave our seats to two women that I didn't recognize. I later learned that one was some birthday boo.

I just realized why I never told you that story.

Because it's hella boring.

Also, I was just informed by a colleague, that it wasn't a 50th birthday party, but rather a corporate event. Which sounds like something I totally remember.

Dorsey and Cuck battle it out in the latest DEBATE. Be sure to peep it out.

Second Saturday anyone?

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