February 27, 2015

lol: luke on life

The best thing that happened as a result of the last two mass killings in America was a change in conversation. Instead of hearing some hippie with a Coexist sticker on the back of their car yell about how we need to get rid of all the guns - which is impossible and silly - and somebody respond to that nonsense with "I’ve got an open carry permit and I'll wear my gun to church if I want, cause it’s my right and I love Jesus," we got to hear the dialogue switch to mental health.

We have a mental health issue in this country. A lack of access for those in need and almost zero way for others to identify those in need and recommend or force them to get help. People shooting places, things and other people up are crazy. You take one look at them after they commit the act and think to yourself, "I could have told you that person was going to do that just by looking at him." Yet that is not what we do. We see crazy people and point, laugh, tease, ridicule, and most importantly, stay away.

We have a situation in Sacramento now that has made national news. A man has anti-Semitic paraphernalia hanging outside of his home. Specifically, swastikas and Palestinian flags. I'm not sure why it’s gone national because I doubt he's the only dude in the country who flies the Nazi flag, but it did.

People are livid. I've read comments where people have called for burning his house down. I even said yesterday it would be fun to do that thing where you hang out with him until he falls asleep and then put his hand in a pot of warm water and then he pisses all over himself. Not cool Luke.

This is a mental health issue. This person is almost certainly suffering from some sort of mental illness. Who flies a Nazi flag and a Palestinian flag? A crazy person. Those two are very mutually exclusive. What is our response? Violence, censorship, hate, and ridicule. Taking the flags down won’t make this dude less crazy. It will merely help the aesthetics of the neighborhood he resides in long enough for it to be ruined by his next act.

June 18, 2014

Pink mustache protest over new rideshare rules - KCRA

Speaking out on behalf of ride sharing companies throughout California at the State Capitol VIDEO LINK

May 8, 2014

Know Your Bro

The folks over at Jezebel had a great piece last month on all things Bro. The piece opens:

"Like "hipster" and "douchebag," the word "bro" has been applied to such a vast swath of American culture that it seems no one is really sure what it means anymore. Turns out, much of that confusion can be attributed to the fact that a bro is different depending on where in the Bronited States of Bromerica you're currently bro'ing down. Before we enter the brozone, we must answer, for our purposes, the age-old question: What is a bro? The most practical, workable definition: An adult male whose social life revolves around collegiate homosocial bonding and who also presents himself in a way that assimilates to the prevailing aesthetic of men with similar socialization patterns.

This got me thinking. Sacramento - and its various neighborhoods - have their own unique bro breeds. But what makes these bros different? What are the defining charasteristics of say, a Midtown bro, as compared to a bro from East Sac? Without further ado, a brief survey of regional Sacramento bros and their aesthetic ideals.

East Sacramento Bro 
Uniform: Above-knee khaki shorts, aged Polo shirt that fit better before kids, pick-your-favorite ill-fitting snapback baseball cap featuring a prominent microbrew logo. Monday-Friday: Boat shoes. Weekends: Flip-Flops
Intoxicant: Killer homebrew and the occasional secret Pliny the Elder find.
Habitat: The Shack, for overpriced Belgian beers. Compton's Market, for the not-so-secret Pliny find. Also, Selland's - because the "Dinner for Two" is the best deal in town, bro!
Hobbies: Checking Zillow to see if their Z-estimate went up, waiting in long lines for weekend vegan breakfast, and planting "Stop McVillage" and "Save the Delta" signs in their front yards.
Secret Shame: Spending their kids’ college fund on a new Range Rover.
Soundtrack: Anything Radiohead.
Celeb Brospiration: Matthew McConaughey - cool in any situation.

Downtown Bro
Uniform: Weekdays and weeknights: Macy’s suit, recognizable Couture shoes, Rolex, money clip, big wad of cash. Weekends: Technical athletic gear.
Intoxicant: Whiskey neat, Old Fashions, cigars.
Habitat: Bro, San Francisco bars are sooo much better! But if they are slumming it local, Grange, Ella, and Mix will do.
Hobbies: Cycling, running, heli-skiing, talking about how much money they made last month. Drinking for free at charity events.
Soundtrack: 30 Seconds to Mars
Secret Shame: They refuse to date a girl smarter than them, their credit cards are maxed out, and they rent a house in Arden Park.
Celeb Brospiration: Leonardo DiCaprio from Wolf of Wall Street. “There’s no nobility in poverty, bro!”

Lavender Heights Bro

Uniform: Warm weather: Bright-colored Tank-Tops, shorts, large sunglasses (for cruising). Cold weather: Scarves, pea coats. Never socks, always bowties.
Intoxicant: Vodka or Gin or Whiskey or Tequila or Rum or More Vodka. But never beer because, CARBS bro!
Habitat: 2-block radius of 20th and K - aka “Ground Ze-Mo.”
Hangover Cure: Sex, gym, taking dog to dog park. In that order.
Hobbies: GRINDR, Mimosa brunches, attending fundraisers, listening to girlfriends bitch about boys, publicly repping for #TeamNeNe.
Soundtrack: Miley, Kylie, Britney (any girl with an “ee” sound), Madonna, Beyonce - aka God. If in a break-up weep-spiral: Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.”
Secret Shame: Wanting to just settle down and have kids in the suburbs; Loving when old guys at the Merc hit on them.
Celeb Brospiration: Tom Daley, Hugh Jackman, Ricky Martin and of course Anderson Cooper

Midtown Bro 
Uniform: Dirty black tee and skinny jeans? Usually. Gauges and sleeve tattoos? Occasionally. Full beard? Always. Monday-Friday: Toms with socks. Weekends: Toms without socks.
Intoxicant: Stouts, red ales and obscure IPAs. Never a Coors Light, always a Pabst.
Habitat: Golden Bear and Tank House but only if neither is crowded. Shady Lady for a seven-ingredient cocktail, your neighbors porch in Boulevard Park, the Weatherstone patio.
Hobbies: Riding bikes, vaping, ordering salads at burger joints, actively participating in coed sports leagues.
Soundtrack: The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Tegan and Sara
Secret Shame: Loving Barwest.
Celeb Brospiration: Ryan Gosling because did you SEE Drive?

Roseville Bro
Uniform: Daytime: TapouT everything, flat brim sports hat, past the knee board shorts, tribal tattoos Evening: Striped button down - untucked - with embroidered Seven For All Mankind jeans.
Intoxicant: Domestic beer, J├Ągerbombs, Jim Beam
Hobbies: Wake boarding, roid cycling, undercutting lap dance costs, bar fighting, signing emails with: "No homo"
Soundtrack: Nickelback, Ludacris
Secret Shame: Cried listening to the last Drake album; Is actually "homo"
Celeb Brospiration: Urijah Faber

With contributions from: Ashley West, Tre Borden, Austin McRonald, John Jacobs, John Silva, Asher Cohen, Valencia Vemo Gazelle Dussault

March 13, 2014

live line: bachelor/bachelorette benefit for WEAVE

We're talking all things bachelor/bachelorette with News Radio KFBK. Tune in to our segment and join us in celebrating at The Mix Downtown Thursday, April 3rd. For details, click here.

booted and suited on good day sacramento

Things get weird as we strap on high heels for WEAVE and its annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. Learn more and support our team here:

February 24, 2014

tv watch with pweekly

Each month, PWeekly himself will spend 12 hours in front of the tube watching only one channel - then report back to you! All the viewing pleasure with none of the programming commitment! This month we get sensitive with The Lifetime Movie Network.

The Lifetime TV network is like a black hole: Once you're sucked into its powerful vortex of based-on-a-true-story telepics you may never escape.

7:45AM Dark Mirror. Early 80's Aaron Spelling product. Oooh - Jane Seymore plays twins! The good one wears a headband.

9:48AM Dying to be Perfect. Crystal Bernard stars as a Harvard grad/bulimic/hot mayor's wife/marathon runner. Her coach is mean/really mean/super mean man who makes her slim down.

10:15AM My cat is now sitting on my face. I secretly crave a doughnut.

11:30AM Must. Not. Doze. Off.

NOON Early on Final Justice a lawyer mentions "oral sex in a bathtub full of vegetable oil" - I am awake again.

1:30PM Seduction in a Small Town. Vixen (Joely Fisher) moves in on good woman's (Melissa Gilbert) husband. We know she's a vixen because she smokes a lot.

2:44PM I need something to love and protect NOW! I check the closet - maybe I have a small child I forgot about.

2:45PM I don't.

3-6PM Afternoon sugar slump. All the movies are blending together: Pregnant Gabrielle Anwar wonders which of her four boyfriends is the father. Meanwhile, someone sues big tobacco, a horny ex-husband rides a motorcycle, and Christine Lahti makes three bean chili for a motherless teen.

6:15PM Three words. Girls in Prison.

7:24PM Constant exposure to ads for Pasta Pro have me convinced that I need one right this minute. In a shame spiral, I order and dominate an entire large Pizza Guys combo han solo.

7:??PM Girls in Prison features two chicks making out. Isn't this television for women?